Dynamic Jyotish

– Promise of Events & Timing of Events –

Course Curriculum

This Course will teach you how to check promise of events in birth chart.

  • Marriage – Life Event
  • Child Birth Pregnancy – Events
  • Career & Profession – Job – Business
  • Property & Vehicle – Event
  • Litigation Court Cases – Event
  • Travel – Foreign Settlements etc.

This course includes golden rules of transit of slow moving planets to predict Profession, Marriage, Job, Finance and Foreign journeys

  • Golden rule of transit of Saturn and role of Saturn aspects in transit. Golden rule of transit of Jupiter and Nodes ( Rahu & Ketu )
  • Transit of planets over natal planets.  Transit of Dasha and Antardasha lord.
  • Golden rule of Saturn and how to see Profession in the birth chart and timing of Rise and Fall in Profession.
  • Dasha system.
  • Original research on Rahu and Ketu.
  • Learn Timing of events through Practical Charts.
  • How to Time the Day of the Events through Transit.
  • BIRTH Time rectification through Dasha & Transit.
  • Chandra kundali & timings of events
  • Saturn, Jupiter & Colour of Your Karma.

This is completely a live interactive course with sessions of questions & answers and discussions on several birth charts. You can ask whatever doubts or questions you have during the course.

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