Our Disclaimer

Disclaimer for Eklavya Astrology Consultations

Please read the following information carefully before opting for our consultation services.

What You Will Get in This Consultation:

  • A detailed analysis of your horoscope oriented towards the type of consultation opted by you through PHONE CALL.
  • Detailed discussion covering combinations in your birth chart, relevant Divisional Charts, and addressing queries related to the chosen consultation in a logical manner.
  • Consultation time varies based on the type of consultation.
  • Real-time two-way communication via phone call, allowing for immediate answers to additional follow-up queries.
  • The session needs to be recorded by yourself for future reference.
  • Inclusion of remedies.

How Analysis Will Be Done:

Comprehensive analysis of your birth chart, relevant divisional charts, and dashas using a collective approach and various tools of Vedic & different branches of Astrology.

Procedure for Consultation:

  1. Select your consultant.
  2. Choose the type of consultation and proceed to check out.
  3. Share your horoscope details and queries as per the provided format.
  4. Consultant’s account details will be shared with you for payment.
  5. After successful payment, share the screenshot, and available slots will be provided for confirmation.
  6. Keep your WhatsApp messages regularly checked, as we might ask for additional details related to your query if required.
  7. A pre-informed message about the timings of the phone call will be sent one day prior to the consultation date.

Time Required:

Phone call consultation: 3-15 days from the date of order placement.


Due to the high volume of consultations, an extra time period of 2-3 days may be needed occasionally. We appreciate your patience, as we do not conduct consultations hastily and provide comments only after a proper study of the horoscope.