Hem Raj ji doesn’t need any introduction. He is experimenting with astrology since last 13 years. His journey in astrology begined in 2007 when he was just 17 years old. Like every other Person he too never believed in astrology but after few life changing incidents in his life, when he was looking for some answers, he got those answers in astrology which changed his view regarding this subject. After that he started his astrological spiritual journey due to his very dedicated nature, rigorous research and practical approach, he rose as an professional astrologer very soon with proficiency and accuracy in various fields like Predictive Astrology Techniques, Logical Remedies With Scientific Connection. With over 17 years of experience in the mystical realms of astrology, Hem Raj sir has honed a deep understanding of Bhrighu Nandi Nadi & Vedic Astrology. Armed with the traditional wisdom and modern interpretation sir helps people to navigate life’s complexities. He mastered himself in this field and whatever he earn today in the field of astrology is solely based on his practical knowledge, till now he have researched on at least 5000 birth charts.

Then there came a time in his life when he thought of sharing his knowledge with Astro enthusiasts and introduced – EKLAVYA Astrology.

About Eklavya Astrology

Welcome to the world of cosmic understanding and profound insights with Eklavya astrology. Eklavya Astrology is the result of Hem Raj sir’s day & night hard work and deep dedication. All his efforts brought us “this beautiful bouquet of astrological flowers” where each petal of each flower is complete and essential in its own way.

Eklavya Astrology is one of the best in delivering knowledge about Astrology. Headed by “Hem Raj ji” with a dream “that everyone learn astrology as a science, in a way of science”

Eklavya Astrology is the ideal place if you are looking for online Astrology courses to learn a modern dimension and behold the world from a broader new perspective. The enormous wisdom of astrology is delivered to you. He have made some rare predictive techniques of transits and nakshtra.Which can be used in predictive astrology. The vision of Hem Raj ji is to furnish promising quality astrology education which will benefit you in bringing happiness and prosperity in the lives of your family and friends by understanding problems/hurdles and getting rid of malfic effects of planets. On top of that Hem Raj ji is also known for providing online astrology consultation for every dilemma in your life.

Hem Raj sir’s belief in the transformative power of celestial movements aligns with his mission to provide accurate, insightful, and practical guidance. He approach each consultation with a compassionate ear, aiming to empower individuals in their personal and professional journeys.

Specializing in birth chart analysis, predictive forecasts, relationship compatibility, etc. Hem Raj ji crafts personalized consultations aimed at providing clarity, purpose, and a deeper understanding of life’s patterns.

Whether you’re seeking answers about love, career, health, or simply aiming to understand yourself better, Hem Raj ji offers a safe and enlightening space to explore the cosmic blueprint that shapes your destiny.

Step into a world of cosmic revelations with Hem Raj ji and embark on a transformative journey guided by celestial wisdom.

Vision and Objectives of Eklavyaa Astrology

Our moto is to Encouraging and Promote practical approach in all the fields of astrological science, so that it can be more beneficial to all individuals who ever he or she is. So that people are not fooled by few Dhongi babas.This practical approach is the demand of changed time.

We are here to promote the practical approach, to promote research work in the field of astrology, so that one can go deep down in this ocean of Astrology and discover the pearls of remedies for the betterment of the mankind. Spread this science as more as possible for the betterment of individuals.

To serve mankind by providing professional and practical astrological solutions.