Fundamental of Vedic Astrology

– Play of planet in 12 sign & house for 12 ascendant –

This section will enable you to understand in depth the meaning of house lords going to various houses and producing different kind of results.

Here in this course you will be taught about basics of Rashi, Bhava & Graha. Even the advance students will find these basics new and they can improvise their knowledge.

Course Curriculum

  • Module 1 : Characteristics of Rashis
  • Module 2 : Karaktatwa of Planets
  • Module 3 : Karaktatwa of Houses
  • Module 4 : Division of Houses
  • Module 5 : How to read birth chart ?
  • Module 6 : Blending of planets

We will be covering the methods to get a view of horoscope, here in this course you will understand how particular placements can cause certain impacts in life. We will learn about all the postive and detrimental places of planets

This is completely a live interactive course with sessions of questions & answers and discussions on birth charts. You can ask whatever doubts or questions you have during the course.

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