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ASTROLOGY is not a topic of stereotype and orthodoxy study, Astrology is a sacred science and an ancient study based on mathematical calculations. Its a Science of the Stars and it deals with determining the effect of celestial bodies on people’s life. It’s a science of frequency, vibrations and cosmic forces, which impact human life because human body is also made up of five cosmic elements, we are the part of this cosmic universe only.
Predictive Astrology Course here is the best course for astro enthusiasts who want to learn predictive techniques of Astrology. Predictive astrology methods can be roughly broken down into three types: Vedic Techniques, Snapshot Techniques and Yogas. A Vedic Technique is a set of rules for analyzing the horoscope that can be applied to all areas of life which will be discussed in brief in your predictive astrology classes. A Snapshot Technique is a set of rules that applies to only one area of life and pin pointing it. Yogas are planetary permutations that attach the individual to specific events and effects.
Techniques are few and, once the principles are learned, it allows the astrologer to predict about anything that they may choose. Yogas, on the other hand, are numerous. The disadvantage of predicting with Yogas is that it is beyond the scope of most of the people to memories all of them. Therefore, its better to learn about yogas onces you learn and specialized yourself in predictive techniques. Most of the available Sanskrit textbooks on astrology, with the first dating 100 AD, consist of Yogas and very little techniques. Two older texts stand out as techniques centered texts are: Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (BPHS) and the Upadesa Sutras of Jaimini. These two texts provide all the very best of predictive techniques and at least a astrologer needs to study these books.

The techniques provided in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra reveal the four different types of effects that each planet will give. Thus there are four levels of predictions.

A planet is a Karaka and responsible for giving results related to those things for which it is a Karaka. Moon for example is karaka of Mother, Liquid Money, Venus, for example, is the Karaka of the spouse and Jupiter the Karaka of children. One level of prediction is in evaluating planets in regards to their being Karakas.

A planet, influences the house in which it is placed. Sun, for instance, rules Father, our ego. If Sun is in the 7th house, Father or our ego will have a significant effect on our marriage, but will the effect be favorable or unfavorable in the life of a native, for that decoding of the chat Completely with different techniques are required.

A planet is the lord of a house and will have an affect in regards to his house lordship and the house in which he is placed. Again, completely different principles are required to determine the effects of a planet as a house lord.

Finally, planets represent the behavior of the individual. A planet’s behavior will significantly affect any house in which the planet is placed and this behavior will either support the house or cause problems with the house. Again, completely different techniques are required to determine how each individual planet behave’s in a different way in different houses and how it will affect will totally depend on that planet and the house, will it effect in positive way or negative way will it effect the living significance or non living significance of the house.

The core teachings of Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra revolves around these four levels of predictions and Nakshatra Dashas. Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra effectively deals with these four levels of predictions with just eight tools: three mathematical techniques and five Avasthas, or planetary conditions.
We will take you from the Basic to Advanced level in this course so that you can predict every event accurately.
Here you will learn predictive techniques of signs and planets, you will learn how to add karaktatwa of planets to make predictions. which will help you to make blank chart predictions because signs have their own energy. Blank chart reading is the base for any kind of horoscope analysis, so here you will learn how to blend planets, signs and houses.
This course includes basic to advance knowledge about the 12 sign and 9 planets, It also includes the know-how of trinal connection of planets which will makes your predictive skills more sharp. Here you will learn how to analyse a chart and to see promise of an event. And Dispositor theory to make snapshot predictions.This course is designed in such a way that even 20 years experienced astrologer will find new Predictive techniques of astrology here.
Today we believe in astrology or not, this doesn’t matter, but in whole day at least one time we know inside that some powerful divine light is there which control our life or we can say our destiny and this is the thing which matters actually.
We have a basic thought that astrology is just a tool to foresee the upcoming future. Behind this it’s also necessary for human being to develop socially and morally. Astrology gives a way to understand yourself as a part of this cosmic universe so that you can tune yourself accordingly by using right frequency.
To predict someone’s future is an art, that cannot be learned only by reading some articles or watching YouTube videos only. This comes after learning thoroughly from a GURU and long years of practice. In this course, Hem Raj ji will share some easy to follow techniques to predict successfully.
Eklavya Astrology is offering one-of-a-kind and exceptional Astrology course for you which can be easily learned from the comfort of your home. At Eklavya Astrology, astrology you will be taught by tested predictive Techniques by Hem Raj ji. The course will be taught in a very easy to understand way through examples and strong foundation will be laid for the students to gain mastery over the subject.

What you people will learn in Predictive Astrology–Online Course and its contents ?

Course Curriculum :

1. Fundamentals of vedic astrology :

• Play of planets in 12 sign & House for 12 ascendants
• Characteristics of Rashis.
• Karaktatwa of Planets.
• Karaktatwa of Houses.
• Division of Houses.
• How to read birth chart?
• Blending of planets.

This section will enable you to understand in depth the meaning of house lords going to various houses and producing different kind of results.

2. Bhrighu Nandi Nadi :

• Basic to Advance concept & Predictive techniques of Bhrigu Nandi Nadi.
• Understanding Karaktatwas: In Brighu Nandi, Nadi Karaktatwa plays a key role. It is through this that predictions of any relative of the person can be done.
• Planets and its causative effect. The planetary effects at a particular time Aspects: Various ways planets aspect each other, Conjunctions etc as per Nadi.
• Zodiac signs: The 12 zodiac signs with their general characteristics and the effect if any planet placed in them.
• Effect of Transit of planet as per as Nadi & Timing of Events.
• How to use D9 (Navmansha) & Lagna in Bhrighu Nandi Nadi.
• How to check Past life karmic debt, Past Life Mistakes and Curses as per Bhrighu Nadi – Bhrighu Karma Rectification.

3. Nakshatra :

• Predicting through Nakshatras using planetary lordship
• Nakshatra Application how to blend Nakshatras.
• Techniques with other Parameters in the Horoscope.
• Analysing Transit and Activation through Nakshatras.
• Practical Analysis with the Charts Explaining Nakshatras.
• Past Life Mistakes and Curses Through Nakshatras.

4. Dynamic Jyotish :

Dynamic Joytish is all about timing of events by Transit and Dasha

Predictive Astrology CONCEPT
• Rules, Dasha Pattern, Nakshtra & Prediction Calculation Method.
• How to Judge Planet & Strength, Timing of an Event Calculation Process.

Marriage & Divorce – Life Event
• Timings of Marriage & Divorce Calculations, Love Affairs, Arrange Marriage & Love Marriage.
• Dowry, Married Life Problems & Extra Marital Affairs.

Education & Course Selection
• Best Field Selection, Result & Marks, Foreign Education, Entrance & Competition Exams, Scholarships, Interviews Timings & Selections.

Career & Profession – Job – Business
• Suitable Job & Business, Financial Prospects – Startups Investments, Takeovers, Obstacles in career, Interviews, change in Job & business, transfer, Suspension, Bank Corrupt & Corporate Issues.

Child Birth – Pregnancy Events
• Child Birth timing calculation, Male & female Chart Importance concept, No child – issues, Best Pregnancy periods, Abortion & Miscarriages, Sex of the child, Adoption, IVF & Event Planning Techniques.

Property & Vehicle – Event
• Purchase of property & Vehicle, Timing of purchase of property, Loan facility, Sale of Property, Construction of property, Rental income, Loss of property.

Litigation – Court Cases Event
• Legal Issues, scandalous periods, imprisonment reasons, Legal disputes.
• Winning situations in litigations, Bail matters, settlements & Event Planning Remedies.

Travel – Foreign Settlements
• Travel Combinations, Timing of foreign Travel, Settling Abroad, and calculation of travel Purpose, Coming back to the Motherland, Visa acceptance & denial.

Medical Astrology – Health
• Timing of disease & surgeries, Type of diseases, diagnose the worst period, Accidents, Immunity level, depression, Health Parameters of the Life. Diagnose, Surgeries and Calculations.

Life Longevity
• To check the life longevity.

Transits – Gochar
• Transit calculations with Dasha pattern & Accurate Delivery of event timing, Shani Sade Sati, daily planets movement Predictions.

Remedies – Modern & Logical Remedies
• Accurate method of Gemstones selection, Mantra, Tantra, Yantra, Pooja, Daan concept, Most Amazing Event Planning technique.

This course includes golden rules of transit of slow moving planets to predict Profession, Marriage, Job, Finance and Foreign journeys.

  • Golden rule of transit of Saturn and role of Saturn aspects in transit. Golden rule of transit of Jupiter and Nodes ( Rahu & Ketu ).
  • Transit of planets over natal planets. Transit of Dasha and Antardasha lord.
  • Dasha system
  • Golden rule of Saturn and how to see Profession in the birth chart and timing of Rise and Fall in Profession.Original research on Rahu and Ketu.Learn Timing of events through Practical Charts.
  • Original research on Rahu and Ketu.
  • Learn Timing of events through Practical Charts.
  • How to Time the Day of the Events through Transit.
  • BIRTH Time rectification through Dasha & Transit.
  • Chandra kundali & timings of events.
  • Saturn, Jupiter & Colour of Your Karma.

This is completely a live interactive course with sessions of questions & answers and discussions on several birth charts. You can ask whatever doubts or questions you have during the course.

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