YONEX ASTREL 105 Tennis Racquet comes with some new technologies, but keeps the user-friendly combination of speed, comfort and power. At under 10 ounces this racquet delivers impressive ease of use, making it ideal for beginners. However, it should also work well for the early intermediate player or savvy doubles specialist in the market for maximum maneuverability. Like the previous generation, this racquet is built to deliver arm-friendly comfort and very easy power. To that end, it features a new material called React Resin, which is a lightweight substance integrated into the graphite layup to create a more flexible and comfortable feel at impact. Also new for 2020, is a technology called Quadforce Gear which extends the string bed at the four corners to create a softer more powerful stringbed. Like the previous generation, this model comes with a Vibeslayer Carbon at the tip where most light racquets tend to feel hollow and brassy. Other features include an Isometric head shape, which creates the signature Yonex sweetspot, making this one of most comfortable racquet’s in its class. On groundstrokes the Astrel 105’s combination of maneuverability and comfort make for a very user-friendly hitting experience. In addition to giving you very easy access to power, this racquet’s 16×18 string pattern makes it easier to load the ball with spin. At net the 105 square inch head provides a big hitting area for making clean contact with the ball, and the fast feel will make it easy for you to position the racquet quickly or spring into action when opportunity knocks. There is also impressive power and spin on serve, making this the perfect tool for playing more aggressive tennis. Ultimately, with this update, Yonex keeps a good thing going. Beginners and early intermediates looking for a comfortable and powerful racquet should start here.


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