Karaktatwa of Planets

(I) Sun is the Karaka for soul, self, self-realisation, influence, prestige, power, valour, health, right eye, heart, general well-being, heat, splendour, father, king, royalty, royal, favour, politics, medical science, tame, and honour, electricity etc.

(ii) Moon is the Karaka for the heart (some learned astrologers treats her so, but some do not), left eye, understanding inclination, emotions, sleep, happiness, good name and fame, facial lustre, mother, royal favour, affluence (wealth) travel, (distance journeys also) water reservoirs etc.

(iii) Mars is the Karaka for stamina, courage, valour desires, special qualities, anger, scandal, diseases, enemies, opposition, controversies, weapons, commnader of an army, war, accidents, injuries by burns or weapons, land, immovable properties, younger brother, relatives such kis cousins etc., leadership, police, doctors, scientists, mechanical engineering etc.

(iv) Mercury is the Karaka for all intelligence, discrimination, speech, expression, education, learning, mathematics, accountant, postman, logic, astrology, medical knowledge and profession, writing, publishing, acting as a middleman in trade or politics, dancing, drama, mixture of things, leaf trees, testing of precious stone, charm, maternal uncle, friends etc.

(v) Jupiter is the Karaka for wisdom, learning, corpulence or fatness of body. act of religious merit, devotion to gods, means superior persons, elders, elder brother, husband, holy places, scriptures, proficiency in learning, philosophy, giving alms or donations, benevolence, wealth, respect, sons, religious preceptors, fruity trees etc.

(vi) Venus is the Karaka for wife, marriage, sexual matters, genital organ, pleasure of the senses(so in a female nativity Venus may be a co-Karaka along with jupiter for the husband) singing, poetry, scents, ornaments, jewellery, all articles of luxury, cooperation from and with others, flowers, flowering trees, beauty, buying and selling, cows, watery places, whiteness etc.

(vii) Saturn is the Karaka for longevity, life, death, adversity, calamities, disrespect, diseases, poverty, livelihood, unrighteous conduct, learning of foreign language and science, agricultural pursuits, profession, minerals, oils, things buried deep in to the earth and coming out therefrom, maid servants, services, theft, cruel deeds, lameness very old persons, dishonour, avarice, temptation etc.

(viii) Rahu is the Karaka for paternal grnd father, fallacious arguments, harsh speech, gambling, movements, travelling, outcastes, foreigners, snake, snake bite, theft. wickedness, widow, skin disease, itches, eczema, acute or sharp pain in the body, swelling in the body or any part therof, poison, pilgrimage etc.

(ix) Ketu is the Karaka for maternal grandfather, consumption, pain, fever, wound, witchcraft, causing trouble to enemies, horned animals, dog, cock, birds, with spots or of veriegated colour, Moksha.



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