Karaktatwa of Houses

Bhava Karakatwas (signification): –

1st bhava (1st house): – The 1st house signifies physical appearance, health, longevity, ability, character, colour of the skin, name and fame, lagna (Ascendant) soul, knowledge, dream, politics, caste, respect, livelihood, country, birth place, influence, etc.

Second bhava: – The second house governs wealth, family, death, metals, speech, right eye, face, helping nature, food, lie, charity, optimism, tongue, selling and buying, gold, silver, copper, paddy, elephants, horses, poverty, self-acquired money, vessels, precious stones, dumb, seats (Asanas) etc.

Bhava Karakatwas

Bhava Karakatwas

Third bhava:- The 3rd house represents younger brothers and younger sisters, right ear, ornaments, breast, travel, change of place, parents’ death, press and printing, communications, help, friend, neighbours, neighbourhood, script writing, authors, documentary writers, book publishers, power, energy, daring personality, rash, capacity, ability, angry, escape, bold, war, neck, sports, partition, bicycle, Rikshas, fruits, clothes, go-ahead tendency, machines, manufacturing plants, correspondence etc.

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Fourth bhava:- The 4th house signifies mother, lands, buildings, conveyances, education, happiness, cows, relatives, water, gardens, milk, tanks, wells, ships, character, science, agriculture, elephants, immovable property, property under earth, secret property, flowers, garlands, mind, liking, will etc.

Fifth bhava: – The 5th house signifies Buddhi (intelligence), children, sons, heart, worshipping god, virtuous deeds done in the previous birth, intuition, higher education, grasping power about the future, clasping, detective capacity of crimes, planning capacity to earn money, discoveries and inventions, capacity to write scientific books, minister, retentive memory, chanting hymns of goddesses, demigods, ancestral property and professions, medicine etc.

Sixth bhava:- The 6th house governs enemies, debts, diseases, wounds, boils, thieves, poison, quarrels, difficulties, imprisonment, obstacles, troubles from relatives, fights, bad habits, weapons, intoxicating drinks, gambling, maternal uncle, brothels etc.

Seventh bhava: – The 7th house indicates marriage, partner in business, wife or husband, public, sensual pleasures, foreign tour, joint business place, venereal diseases, death, curd, urinary parts, loss of money by theft, meal, debauchery, sperm, success, songs, dancing, music, scents, flowers, foreign place or country, ghee, sex novels, sex books, love affairs, obstacles through open enemies, income through women.

Eigth bhava: – The 8th house indicates longevity, life, secret organs, mode of death, accidents, obstructions, chronic disease, gifts, troubles, mishaps, mental worry, insurance, death tax, lottery, unexpected money, debts, drowning, yoga bhanga, heavy loss, income by taking charity, illhealth to wife, quarrels, hanging, dangers, slaughtering, no happiness, enemy, fortress, hidden treasures.

Ninth bhava: – The 9th house represents pilgrimage, charity, god, father, elderly gentle men, teachers, grandson, destiny, granddaughter religious activities, courts, penance, foreign place or country, happiness, prosperity, success in life temples, holy places, law books, books on religion, left leg, propagators of religion.

Tenth bhava: -The 10th house signifies profession, order, authority, honour, rank, pilgrimage, awards, politics, travelling, action, trade, fame, respectful. Rasayoga, commerce, government, livelihood, clothes, administration, authority over the seal, auspicious deeds, religious ceremonies, patLnce and perseverance, jewels, success, finance etc,

Eleventh bhava: – The 11th house represents elder brothers and sisters, all kinds of profits or income, friends, prosperity etc.

Twelth bhava: – The 12th house indicates loss, extinction, imprisonment, salvation, death, expenses, bed ridden in a hospital, bed and bed room, poverty, left eye, foot, hell, punishment etc.



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