Sneakly Jacob – Non-slip Universal Autumn Barefoot Shoes

I used to be afraid that the material between my toes would someway trouble me, but this absolutely didn't happen. On the contrary, I actually discovered the individual chambers very comfortable and after a short time I no longer seen that there was something between them toes caught. However not only that, he can be […]
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Why Are Barefoot Footwear So Wholesome?

The environment in the shop is inviting and makes purchasing a pleasure. I am delighted with my buy and will certainly be back. It doesn’t matter what shade or pants you’re wearing, this pair will definitely go together with any outfit and you’ll find yourself choosing these footwear over your favorite sneakers. ✔️ Durable outsole: […]
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Barefoot Strolling and Barefoot Sneakers – Books, Research and so On

Barefoot sneakers are footwear that simulate the feeling of strolling barefoot and protect the foot from injuries attributable to stones, broken pieces or barfußschuh herbst (my latest blog post) (my latest blog post) different surfaces. They're not called that since you slip into them barefoot – however because they provde the feeling of strolling barefoot. […]
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