Water Signs

There is a beauty in Water Signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Water signs are like the rain that washes away the chalk on the sidewalk. Water Signs when enter in your life they don’t just remove the dirt but they allow and manifest a new life to begin. Like water they are transparent specially Cancer & Pisces Sign, with transparency they also have depth which others may never know. Water signs recognize what others refuses to see.

However, the worst thing to see a water sign bottled themselves in. Too many responsibilities, too much hardships, painful situations in life make them go nervous, having anxieties and fears. Actually, water signs have the ability to Mold to whatever vessel they choose. However, if they become stagnate in one vessel or situation in life that proves to be very bad for their mental well-being.

But because of their easy nature or free flowing nature they forced into the vessels or situations they did not choose or ask for but they are now “Stuck” with that vessel or situation. They literally start drowning within the world they live in specially when you have malefics in the water sign. And the problem starts when people around water signs try to box them in or they want to hold them but they don’t know that they cant handle the weight of the water. When water sign gets mad, the scary part of this madness is that no one able to handle the wrath water signs brings and shattered everything which comes in between.

So, the advice to the water signs is that the more accessible they are to everyone more troubled their life will be. Just because you are like Rain who brings freshness to other people lives doesn’t mean that you pour yourself in for everybody. BE Free and move in the direction where you want to like the water, be flexible and use your energy to nourish yourself first. You are natural Healer but first HEAL YOURSELF!

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